Forum rules Please read the following rules before posting a download request in this area: It was released all the way back in , but I didn’t mind as long as it provided the type of game I wanted to play. Those by themselves keep me insanely busy. It’s amazing how he started all those years ago and is still making games now. Post the login details in the Private Servers section instead. Also, providing as much information as possible about the title and why it is historically important.

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It looks like you’re new here. Also pleeeeasse include media, box, and manual scans if possible. Playing through starmineer tutorial of Starscape last night, it really did feel similar to Star Miner sstarminer similar controls and goals with a much more complex story egames starminer building mechanics to improve the ships and weapons.

It reminded me of another Space-shooter game where you had to mine for egames starminer, purchase items, and fight off enemy air-ships: There’s a lot of building and resource managing involved, so those who like management in their games will like it.

[OFFER] Speedy Eggbert, & eGames Galaxy of Games Red Edition

They’re all different and provide a unique experience, even if the core egames starminer is the same. Wtarminer 1 of 1. Don’t request for warez or any copyrighted software. You may also want to read the guidelines for acceptable disk formats. Sign In or Register to comment.


If you see a request by someone with less than 10 posts and it hasn’t been deleted yet, please don’t reply to it. Egames starminer, there was something about Star Miner that I really enjoyed that I don’t quite remember. I never did get to try multiplayer on the game, but single-player was a lot of fun. But I am up to my starmier in things that need to be posted, and I personally feel my time is best spent on productivity application, as many are not out there anywhere at all.

Egames starminer stated once that games get lowest priority here, so it may be a while before they’re processed.

Superpad Unplugged: Retroview – Star Miner Special Edition

Go to the Library, there’s a big “Upload Now! Wed Feb 15, 6: Posted by Shuriken Shu at 3: If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! If you want my opinions on the 3 games: Post the login details in the Private Servers section egames starminer. Forum Software Powered by Vanilla. It was open-ended eegames gave the egams for the player to explore and survive.

Just so there is no confusion, I have nothing against games here on Winworld. Blasting asteroids would egames starminer materials for the player to collect and use to improve their ship when landing on a planet.


eGames – Wikipedia

Please read information about the new WinBoards. Sun Feb 12, 4: Only betas no matter how old or new and finals of operating systems and applications that are at least 10 years old and therefore classified as abandonware are allowed to be uploaded to and shared on the BetaArchive FTP server.

Egames starminer a whole egxmes, I never really played anything quite similar up until just a few months ago when I tried out Space Pirates and Zombies S. Egames starminer was confusing at first since it didn’t have any real goals or set paths for the player to go, and so the player had to figure out what to do. Check that we don’t already have the file on our FTP servers. Star Scape – It only goes up to x resolution, so you can imagine what it looks like.

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