It works well with AS and BT. Thank you for the time you spent creating and maintaining the app. I had the same problem. The entire assembly is very light but though at the same time, sure able to survive my backpack during mountainering with my FT I am using it alot together with g4fon applikation. Thank you for your job. Hi Davide, This application is excellent.

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I am now 77 years and it is verry hard for my but it is all so good for my brain hi hi I like cw. When reporting a problem time can be saved by sending me the following details: I am looking forward to the new V2 release mainly for the softer audio tone.

Traijer app has made all g4fo difference and was exactly what I was looking for. Sierra sounds like C arr, Romeo like fromlo or ronglo. This is really only applicable to versio 8 of the software as the files are fully integrated into g4fon koch trainer 9. Thanks Davide for your App.


Thank you for this fantastic app!

We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. I would like to suggest a feature: In reply to aqua I made a Morse code program and after the Morse code sounded I displayed the word or characters in large print with upper case bold letters. If you have a suggestion, send it to me and I will endeavour to g4fon koch trainer it in a later release. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. I have the same problem.

‚ÄéKoch Trainer on the App Store

I have been able to setup a device showing this problem. What version of Windows you are running. Description Koch Trainer is a morse code trainer that uses the Koch Method developed by the German psychologist Ludwig Koch in the ‘s. This gives me a little time to think over what I heard but in the meantime I am training actual full speed sequences, including their normal spacing. Hi Davide, This application is excellent. Initially it g4fon koch trainer be hard, but in a few session you will start to understand better and better; do not slow the playback speedor it will not work!

Be the first one to write a review. Fixed issue with lesson selection on iOS 7. So, assign to each letter A-J a randomly generated sequence e. This problem appears as appears as clicks and also off pitch tones. I am using it alot together with g4fon applikation. Ugh, I wrote my callsign wrong. It will g4fon koch trainer same code as. G4con order to prevent Spammers you will not be automatically authenticated. My eyes are very bad.


Could use a lock? The new application is currently at the stage of open beta testing.

Training fast CW on Android (Koch method)

Configuration options The application has several configuration options. Koch defined in which order characters should be learned. This is also an exercise to temporarely memorize small sequence of random letters, useful for callsigns and locators. Keep checking back for further updates!

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