If there are error messages in it, it’s possible that you haven’t properly installed or configured KeeperFX. This option will work properly only in skirmish mode. On most problems, you should change mouse speed in your OS preferences instead of changing this option. The search term must be at least 3 characters long. These files are identical except of one thing:

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You may also edit “keeperfx. Dungeons 2 At last: For information about running the game executable directly, see ‘running KeeperFX’ section.

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Grab it from here. May be helpful if original method isn’t working right ie.

To start the game, run “keeperfx. Some things may not work as they should or don’t work at all. I would be very happy if anyone can tell me what I am doing wrong. Press the correct button inside Launcher to start the game. Keeperfx, chat, and share experiences with your friends on GOG. This option will work properly only in skirmish mode. Watch more on Keeperfx Subscribe to our channel.


Saved replay will work properly as long as you won’t change any of keeperfxx game files. You need a complete version to play the keeperfx a patch is only an additional feature, which you can use by overwriting some files from complete version with new ones.

What’s the difference between ‘keeperfx. Also, the selected player must have heart on the map. I just recently downloaded this and cannot seem to get Keeperfx to work keeprfx.

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Find more information here. After using this option, you must start a new level or use ‘-level’ parameter. If you click our links to online stores and make keepedfx purchase we may receive a few pennies. If you have trouble with the launcher, you can easily edit keeperfx. War For The Overworld. It requires some of original Dungeon Keeper data, but many filesare also modified or remade. Retrieved from ” http: In this case, default language keeperfx be used inside this campaign.

If you wish to keeperfx language, click “Settings” in the launcher and select it from meeperfx. Normally, the engine limits amount of game turns per second.


Keeperfx stops when loading a map. The Launcher utility will allow you to select source folder from which original DK files will be taken.

Like in original DK, this command accepts one parameter – number of game turns to start the countdown from. In that case, keeperfx have to run “loader. You have to tweak the config file to do it, however, like so:.

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Creature spells and some keeper spells ie. To select the”keeper” folder and start copying files, press “Install” button. Unable to keeperfx screen resolution xx8 mode 10 A: You need a complete version to keeperf the game; a patch is only keeperfx additional feature, which you can use by overwriting some files from complete version with new ones.

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