Mostly i prefer to study Science, Maths and Computer related subjects only. Views Read View source View history. But later, i realized that Geography also takes place important role in some cases. Recently my neighbour kid asked me where is Bali island located. How poor i am in Geography?

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How to generate and check strong passwords in Linux January 18, However kgeography can create image files of the maps you are working on, by using the Screenshot application.

Students can either interact with the map to learn kgeography names, capitals kgeography flags for any given area. Browse the maps clicking in a map division to see its name, capital and flag The game tells you a map division name and you have to click on it The kgeography tells kgeography a capital and you have to guess the division it belongs to The game tells you a division and you have to guess its capital The game shows you a map division flag and you have to guess its name The game tells you a map division name and you have to guess its flag The game shows an empty map and you have to place divisions on it one by one.

Upgrading from Kgeography 24 to Fedora Read more on here. KGeography is not available on mobiles and tablets. Views Read View source View history. The KGeography website also offers users the chance to experience the software in other languages such as Danish, Greek, French and Ukrainian.


Learn KGeography – Open Educational Resources

He laughed at me and said he already knew kgeography it is and he got curious whether i know or not. Retrieved from ” https: So I logged-in to my Laptop and googled a bit, find it and finally answered him. So kgeography simply select 5 questions. But later, i realized that Geography also takes place important role in some cases.

Now the quiz starts. KGeography is a geography learning tool for KDE.

Learn Geography With KGeography On Ubuntu

Explore an application Geography. Hope it useful for you.

Now you test your self about your Geography knowledge using the quiz games given in the left pane. It also has a testing mode where questions are presented and users must correctly identify the kheography, capitals kgeograohy flags for a given map.

KGeography is a digital atlas that provides maps of continents, countries and states political geography. To be honest, I am one of them.

Atlas is an essential kgeography for a Geography teacher. It is part of the Kgeography educational project like other ‘K’ applications like Kanagram. Gkeography can use it to explore kgeobraphy map, show information about regions and features, and play quiz games to test your geography knowledge.


Kgeography small boy insulted me in-front of other kids. For me, KGeography seems very interesting and fun tool that helps to improve the Geographical knowledge.

At the end of the test, it will automatically display the kgeography answers along with your selected answers. First it asked me to select the number of questions. After selecting my country, it displayed the whole kgeography of the country on the right side. Tools Recent Changes Special pages Upload file.

The KDE Education Project – KGeography

Kgeography are Apps available on kgeograpny Android, for physical and political geography of the Earth. As you might already know, Geography is the study of our Planet, inhabitants, its features and various kgeography. Nitesh kgeography an edit on 11 AugustRecently my neighbour kid asked me where is Bali island located.

I think it would also be good to have some type of progress monitoring system built into the software so users could track their learning.

Right now it has seven usage modes:

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