Even tried commands like cscript slmgr. I thank you very much in advance. Besides, the corresponding restoration is also included. Besides, its advisable to format only C: I also deleted KB and it tried to reinstall but I then hid that update.

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In order to avoid it, we strongly recommend using the official version instead of the cracked one. Join Date Apr Posts Just right-click on cmd. Then press the enter button. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Find the update of KB and right-click on it to choose Uninstall button. I ain’t going to buy another key, window for sure, so please help me out, what should I do to fix it? Upvote Upvoted 2 Downvote Downvoted. Comments I tried removewat windows 7 build 7601 works still the problem.

You can download it from the end of this article. Follow this path now: This fix only works for a short time.

Should you not tell them how to fix this, or do you not know how to? Your windows 7 build message should be gone. I have tried all the above methods to fix the problem, but the error message continues to appear at start-up.


This Copy of Windows Is Not Genuine 7600/7601 Fix (5 Helpful Ways)

We’re here to let you know 2 different solutions to fix Windows not genuine problem. Tried command prompt and get the window command reply. Tried this and it works! Unfortunately I still have no internet connection. If you don’t switch it off, Windows is certain to automatically keep itself up-to-date.

This Copy of Windows Is Not Genuine / Fix (5 Helpful Ways)

But after it restarted it said that the operating system was missing. I have used this fix in the past and it always worked until today.

Please if you can I would like to understand what is happening here if you could explain. However, these updates can also generate a false result and show your genuine copy as a fake one.

I used many things searching in sites, No use. Activation ensures that your copy is genuine removewaat licensed. Any advice would be really appreciated.

Let’s see how to use the best backup software to back up your computer before uninstalling Windows 7 KB update to fix this copy buile Windows is not genuine. If I buy a new product key and update it in the computer, will this reset any error messages? Actually, this problem commonly happens in Windows pirated version. Error was fix but in the computer properties page is showing 3 days until automatic activation. I did the cmd thing and I am remocewat having the problem and when I try to do the control panel thing.


Startup was unbelievably slow.

2 ways to fix “This copy of Windows is not genuine” error

Which update needs to be uninstalled so I can get rid of the black screen? Can somebody please help restore it to Windows 7 again? It changed all removrwat programs like Adobe.

Also, in future to avoid such trouble, one should never support pirated version of windows and really should own a genuine screen copy officially from Microsoft.

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