You have to rebuild your libraries to be able to use them with this BoostC release; Fixed bug when incorrect code was generated when comparing 32 bit long struct members; Fixed bug when compiler didn’t handle table instructions for PIC18 targets; Speeded up link time. Release Notes SourceBoost V7. Added a number of new target devices. Many significant changes and bug fixes: Added test for “true? It also has a built in logger that records the data of up to flights. If you are interested in this kind of business relations please send a mail to support sourceboost.

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Fixed ide crash at startup happens sourceboost last project that is being opened at startup contains TODO or FIXME in its sources Fixed incomplete code generation for pointers increment and decrement when large memory model is used Fixed binary or problem with 8 and 16 bit long constants User selection sourceboost “enable build server” sourcdboost setting is remembered between installations.

Added support for NULL function pointers.

Libraries New more efficient integer sqrt sourceboost as the old one returned incorrect values with some input values. Let us know how you get on.


SourceBoost Technologies – Home of C/C++/Basic compilers for PICmicro

Its sourceboost design means the same IDE can be used with all SourceBoost Technologies compilers and some third party compilers. Inaccurate delays are reported with warning messages. Corrected SysGetElapsedTime when handling tick value wrapping.

Fixed bug when compiler could not parse non english letters in asm comments. Multiple variable delaration fails if initial values specified. Fixed sourceboost when project and config file names were used without full path Project path in workspaces now is sourceboost to relative to workspace directory if possible Removed erroneous error message printed at start of build all for a workspace with multiple projects in it.

News September SourceBoost V7. Forced number operand to use the smallest datatype. A couple of minor fixes since the pre-release V6.

Some commercial products created using our compilers and development tools:

soruceboost News August SourceBoost V7. Flowcode 4 Buy Now. Caused rare compiler crash. SourceBoost Technologies also develop: Sourceboost Development Sourceboost IDE applications for use in tool chains, with compilers or for other applications.

SourceBoost IDE is a modern development environment that allows rapid development of code. E-Blocks are plug and play modules that allow quick and easy construction of electronic systems. Many significant changes and bug fixes: What version of Windows are you using?


Addition of interrupt shadow register use option. This allows improved testing of code before committing it to an actual sourfeboost. The board is packaged as a 28pin or 40pin DIL sourceboost. Keep up the good work and I hope you have great success Custom Hardware design for microcontroller applications. Linker rare bank switch issue fixed. Added sourceboost about use of eeaddrh variable in eeprom sourceboost for PIC Enabled bit arguments, disabled pointer to bit arguments.

Fixed minor bug Linker generates when using -swcs “Internal Warning: Fixed bug when assignment of complex objects failed.

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Added critical section nesting sourceboost. Added artificial neural network sample for Sourecboost compiler. SourceBoost Technologies sourceboost always striving to meet or exceed the customer requirements. The design uses an accelerometer and a PIC Microcontroller to convert motion into analog signals compatible with the XBox controller.

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