Lists of anime and manga characters. She is very young-looking despite her old age stated to be Takami states that he has always been thought of as a “super genius”, but in reality she thinks that he is insane, and his actions throughout the story seem to support this. Sekirei characters have had mixed reception among the Japanese and international anime communities. When Minato asked about Sekirei 01, Miya cryptically responded by saying that “she” died along with Takehito. She states she never refuses anyone needing shelter; however, she prohibits fighting and obscenity in her house, although she passively does eavesdropping using a rubber duck speaker with glasses and a 2 on its forehead that she refers to as “Duck-san” made by Matsu. She develops a friendly rivalry with Kazehana, whom Uzume refers to as “Nee-san”.

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Minaka hasn’t tried to get her winged like Homura due to honoring a last request by Takehito also, he might be too scared to mess around with her or Izumo Inn for tsukiuji of her wrath.

Matsu has the power to access and analyze any electronic device on a telepathic level, Ch. Wikipedia, Sekirei Wikia Voice Actors. During the start of the escape plan, he was expecting something exciting. The Sekirei manga features an extensive cast of characters created by Sakurako Gokurakuin.

Higa, who is using Tsumiumi medical treatment as leverage for Uzume’s cooperation, manipulates her into using her powers to eliminate other Sekirei. Musubi first encounters her after sharing the same bath with the other Sekirei, with Uzume seeing Musubi’s Sekirei crest and revealing to her that she is also a Sekirei. By the end of the Third Stage, Minato is seen with some advantages against the other remaining contestants as he is the only Ashikabi with two Jinki in his possession, one having been stolen by Matsu tsukkumi the other won in battle, and for having winged the most Sekirei among the single numbers, totaling four not including Musubi who inherited the powers of Yume, another single numberwhile receiving guidance from Miya who, despite not participating in the Sekirei Fight, is known as the strongest Sekirei of all.


Matsu serves as Minato’s unofficial tsukiiumi and tactician, using her vast network of information to aid him but rarely venturing outside of the Inn. Kazehana displays an extremely relaxed personality, preferring to spend most of her time lounging and drinking sakeand often becomes giddy when discussing matters of love.

He seems to be a collector of rare items, like getting rare-ability Sekirei and getting all excited when the Jinki were called extremely valuable.

Musubi’s outfit consists of a short red skirt and upper clothes resembling those traditionally worn by mikos. She changed a lot after getting winged by Minato and easily gets jealous when Minato comes in contact with other women, due to her feelings for her Ashikabi. Her Jinki numbered 1 was a prize for the winner of the first match of the Third Stage and it is currently in the hands of the South.

Tsukiumi (Sekirei) –

As a result, Minato received the power to determine Homura’s gender and mentality, but chose to let Homura remain who he is and what he wanted tsukoumi be, earning Homura’s respect. Kazehana has the ability to control and manipulate wind, which also grants her a limited ability of flight; her name literally means “Wind Flower”.

Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. Homura began reacting to Minato just before Kazehana became tukiumi fifth Sekirei, but it became more obvious afterward. After hearing Tsukiumi say that she is Minato’s wife, she decides that she is his wife too. After witnessing Minato’s concern and love for his Sekireis, Kazehana chooses him as her Ashikabi. Minato soon leads a team of Sekirei residing mostly at Maison Izumoa boarding house in North City, and must face opponents in the form of other Sekirei, many of whom have teamed with other Ashikabi and are spread throughout the districts of North City as well as other cities.

After its break-up, the second Discipline Squad was formed, with Yume as the leader and Tsukuimi with the same goals. Miya was the group’s leader, with Matsu, Kazehana, Karasuba, and Mutsu tsukiu,i her.


Whenever she is angry or making jokes, she makes a demonic facial visage, a trait that is shared with Yukari. It is implied by Miya that his death tsukimi have something to do with her leaving MBI. He was against Hiroto’s idea of the Sekirei Plan.

Minato and Musubi, can only obtain the prize by proving themselves in combat and defeating her.

Tsukiumi “Sekirei No.09, Tsu”

She also tells him that he can only bring one Sekirei to the final tsukikmi at Kouten. Minato’s plan is to reunite Uzume with Chiho who has come to live at Izumo Inn after her complete curetsukiuki after she has been restored she prematurely sneaks out of the MBI facility and makes her own way to Izumo Inn which he had told her aboutwhere she and Chiho are joyfully reunited. She is a swordswoman of unrivaled skill, with the ability to produce powerful directed shock waves with a swing of her sword.

Kanojo no Inai nichi no Koto add Main.

List of Sekirei characters – Wikipedia

Musubi, Kusano and Matsu were winged in the game’s “First Stage”, and Tsukiumi, Kazehana and Homura were winged in the “Second Stage”, earning him recognition as the strongest Ashikabi in the tsukiuml part of the city. This turned out to be a bad move, since Musubi was taught to immediately challenge another Sekirei as soon as she encounters one, and resulted in Musubi attacking first before Uzume managed to escape and find Minato; the “fight” was eventually broken up by Miya.

After meeting Musubi at the start of tsukiumj series, he becomes an Ashikabi. He rides a motorcycle.

It is also stated by Haihane that he is homosexual, for the reason his lover, a doctor, volunteered to serve in a war zone and was killed. Prior to the beginning of the story, Matsu was a member of the first Discipline Squad led by Miya.

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