When they changed their posture they looked somewhat normal…and their CGs they were fine, but I have no clue what was wrong with this. Then some demon vs beast war breaks out and Kyle goes and like stops it lol. I think you do! It was a bit too short and the endings were all pretty meh. I have to say that Ashe looked like a monkey in a very uncomfortable position during their ero scene.

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If only the first game was this cute. Then some demon vs beast war breaks irp and Kyle goes and like stops it lol. I played this game a while ago and I think I liked it.

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Really glad you did that review. Description A young man who threw out his name when he came to earth. Luna — lol, you mean the original UtM game right? Seizh had a somewhat cute story, but a very…. Blah it was so gross, her dad looked like a cross between Fabio and the yaranaika dude.

Under the Moon ~Tsukiiro Ehon~

This site uses cookies. Original game Under the Moon. I like your reviews: Fandisc of Under the Moon. Description Ashe’s naive and loyal tsukaima, and best friend. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Posted in Otome Games. She has dance lessons, and other various activities that she has to deal with….


Under the Moon ~Tsukiiro Ehon~

That and there is no random sex party going on in this story lol, although I thought they should have done some type of harem ending since that would have been interesting. The route was really short, there was only 1 ero scene really and overall it felt kinda anticlimatic. D just not in english. His story is pretty much similar to the first game. Of course that was making up for ehn fact that the ero CGs were incredibly stupid where at one point he looked like he was sniffing her butt.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: A young man who threw out under the moon tsuki iro ehon name when he came to earth.

Seizh is too psychotic and emo for me. I thought it was cute!

The weirdest part of this route, is they kept showing flashbacks to CGs of the first game. Although I think the new backgrounds were really pretty…. This fandisc takes place before the original game, Under the Moon. In the oro he stays in his cat form, while in the human world turns into one himself with wings and kemonomimi appearance.


[Otome Game Review] Under the Moon ~Tsuki-iro Ehon~

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Zero is cute but I felt his story in this game was kinda bland. Full Voice Trial Version Available: So it sort of made me lost. A cold, cruel, possessive demon, he treats Ashe as a mere toy to insult and demean whenever he pleases.

He broke it by accident because he drank some kind of magical water that would turn him into human form.

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